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Change a Life. Sponsor A Youth today!

Your donation directly supports all trainings and all professional certifications.

$100 raised

$10,000 goal


Functioning as a neighborhood employer and active worksite, Green Visions installs and cultivates flourishing flower gardens on vacant lots in Rochester's JOSANA neighborhood. The flowers from these lots are harvested, arranged into bouquets and then sold at various locations from late spring to mid-autumn. Outlets include the Rochester Public Market, Hart's Local Grocers and the Perinton, Penfield and East Avenue Wegmans' stores.

In 2016, Greentopia launched a new fundraising initiative: Sponsor-a-Youth Campaign. A variety of companies, associations, clubs and individuals now participate in the program. An investment of $4,000 will cover the cost of one youth to participate in the 22-week program and ultimately help them move into self-sufficiency. $2,000 can cover 1/2 the cost of a youth to participate. And a $100 donation can be used to help buy the essential hand tools and other equipment we need to dig in the dirt and trim the flowers!

Sponsorships are available for full or half underwriting. Organizations and individuals are given the opportunity to meet the youth they are sponsoring, tour and/or volunteer at the flower lots, and offer the sponsored youth a tour of their own facilities.